Periodontal care linked to pet's heart health


The study, conducted by Dr. Larry Glickman at Purdue, examined the records of nearly 60,000 dogs with some stage of periodontal disease and about 60,000 without, and revealed a correlation between gum and heart maladies. Read more

Knowledge is POWER! Know what you should do as a GREAT pet owner!

The importance of grooming your pet


Sure, brushing your pet’s hair and cleaning his teeth regularly will help him look his best, but it’s also important for his health. Here, a guide to help you get started. Read more

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Diet do's and don'ts for your pets
A healthful, balanced diet is as important to pets as it is to people, but with hundreds of different food brands to choose from, how do you decide what — and how much — to feed your pet?  Read more

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Why it's important to Scoop that Poop!


Sure, we all know that it’s rude and disgusting to not clean up after your dog, but some of these facts are really surprising. Read more

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