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Dental appointments are scheduled for Fridays at 8am. In order to minimize the risks associated with anesthesia, we require a pre-anesthetic blood analysis and physical exam to assess your pet's health and functionality their vital organs prior to all dental procedures.  All pets are required to come in to the office on the Monday before the scheduled dental appointment for a physical exam and to have their blood drawn.

The total price for a dental appointment (including the physical exam and blood analysis) is $200. If the Veterinarian determines that your pet is not eligible for our dental procedure, your pet will require being seen at a full service veterinarian.

Planned Pethood now offers low cost dental and grooming services for your furry friend! 

Grooming is available by appointment only on Thursdays and Fridays. Prices vary depending on hair type, pet temperament, coat condition, and weight. In order to obtain your pet's pricing, you must first meet with the groomer to have a Grooming Evaluation done.

Grooming Evaluations may be done 15 minutes before your first visit. Due to our limited capacity, pets that are more than 10 minutes late for their grooming appointment or evaluation will be cancelled.   

Dental and Grooming Services

Grooming Services

Dental Services

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All spay, neuter and grooming appointments scheduled for December 1, 2016 or after will require a $10 scheduling deposit. This deposit will be used towards the total amount due the day of your appointment. This deposit is non-refundable. This deposit will roll over to your next visit if rescheduled 24 hours prior to scheduled check-in time. Appointments may be rescheduled twice. Deposits will be lost if the appointment is canceled, not rescheduled 24 hours before or marked as a “no-show”.